Established at the heart of Wales' legal community we are proud of both our seventy five year history in Cardiff's city centre and our multi-disciplinary expertise. We have a deserved reputation as one of the friendliest chambers for pupils and tenants alike and enjoy a supportive and positive working environment.

Established Practitioners

We are always interested in hearing from established practitioners who may be interested in becoming a member of 9 Park Place Chambers. You should apply in writing to our Head of Chambers David Elias K.C.

All applications are treated in the strictest confidence.


Chambers is recruiting!
We aim to ensure that pupils have a rewarding and enjoyable experience of pupillage and have a wide range of experienced pupil supervisors in all areas of practice. Pupils can expect to feel a valued part of the chambers’ team and enjoy all that a life at the Bar entails. All members aim to be approachable and supportive to our pupils and junior tenants.

9 Park Place will be offering two funded pupillages to commence in September 2025.  The award will be £22,000 made up of £10,000 within the first six and guaranteed earnings of £12,000 in your second six.   As an example of our commitment to our pupils, no rent is payable to chambers during pupillage or the first few months of tenancy.
Pupillages are offered with a view to tenancy provided all requirements are met.

As a result of our multi-disciplinary approach pupils can expect to experience a variety of practice areas during their pupillage year but we will endeavour to tailor your placements to your expressed interests. Within your second six you will enjoy a varied caseload.  Experience shows this to be a busy and stimulating time for our pupils.  Chambers places an emphasis on supporting and encouraging all our pupils and junior tenants.

Chambers would generally expect all applicants to have achieved at least a 2.1 degree and to have achieved or be on course for at least a ‘very competent’ on the BPTC, but we are always prepared to consider candidates without this level of qualification in exceptional circumstances. 

9 Park Place complies with the Bar Standards Board pupillage requirements, is an equal opportunities employer and we are committed to ensuring that all our selection processes are fair. 

All applications for pupillage should be made via the Pupilage Gateway website in accordance with the mandatory recruitment timetable. Our pupillage policy can be viewed here.


We also welcome applications for mini-pupillages, to take place in the months of June and September of each year. Those seeking to apply must do so in writing by 31st March (for mini-pupillage in June) or 30th June (for mini-pupillage in September) in the year in which mini-pupillage is sought.  Applicants must be at least at undergraduate level, and should apply in writing to Nicholas Barry, Tenancy and Pupillage Committee, by e-mail using, or by post to 9 Park Place, Cardiff CF10 3DP, enclosing a current CV.  There is no interview process, and candidates will be selected based on the strength of their written applications.  Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of mini-pupillages as places are strictly limited.