William Hughes QC prosecutes "ambush" murder trial at Swansea Crown Court

09 OCTOBER 2020

William Hughes QC prosecuted the trial of Andrew Jones at Swansea Crown Court before Mrs Justice Jefford DBE. The Defendant was convicted of murder on 6th October 2020 after a 3 week trial, and will be sentenced in due course. 

The Prosecution alleged Mr Jones murdered his wife Rhianon's lover, Michael O'Leary, by luring him to a secluded farm on the outskirts of Carmarthen, West Wales and then shooting him in an ambush with a powerful rifle. The Prosecution further alleged that after driving the deceased's car to a remote location and creating a false suicide trail, the Defendant took the deceased's body to a secluded yard at his home address and burnt his remains which were then disposed of. The case has attracted considerable national and local publicity.