Member of 9 Park Place appears in longest running teachers disciplinary hearing in Wales

12 JUNE 2012

Robert Vernon recently appeared on behalf of a registered teacher at a disciplinary hearing before the General Teaching Council for Wales [GTCW].  The hearing was the longest hearing of its type ever heard by the GTCW in Wales and attracted local and national media attention.  The case involved a head teacher of a nursery and infants school in mid-Wales who was alleged to have roughly manhandled, belittled and humiliated 8 pupils aged between 4 and 7 years old. 

The proceedings were brought before the Professional Conduct Committee of the GTCW as a result of four members of staff at the school acting as whistle blowers against the head teacher.  Many other members of staff and the governing body of the school, as well as teachers from other schools, gave evidence in support of the head teacher.  The committee therefore had to resolve many conflicts of fact and determine whether, on the facts found, the teacher had fallen below the standards to be expected of a registered teacher.