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New Supreme Court Judgments in Discrimination Cases

30 APRIL 2012

On 25th April 2012, the Supreme Court gave judgment in two separate cases, heard together in January 2012, concerning direct age discrimination and indirect age discrimination respectively. Justin Amos provides an overview.

Employee Resignation and The Effective Date of Termination

27 APRIL 2012

Carys Williams considers the case of Horwood v Lincolnshire County Council, which concerned the jurisdiction of the Employment Tribunal to hear a constructive dismissal case where the complaint had been submitted one day out of time.

Family Barristers join 9 Park Place Chambers

26 APRIL 2012

Six high profile barristers have joined 9 Park Place Chambers.

Chambers welcomes new tenants

05 APRIL 2012

Two new recruits join 9 Park Place Chambers.

Three Parents and a Baby

30 MARCH 2012

The Court of Appeal considers the role of the biological father who volunteered to father a child for his two lesbian friends.  Case review by Matthew Barry.

Instructing Foreign Experts

30 MARCH 2012

Paul Hopkins Q.C. says experts from overseas represent a potential valuable resource for parties in care proceedings. However, there are potential advantages and disadvantages to their use.

Uncertain Perpetrators

30 MARCH 2012

William Seagrim asks: "Are the courts failing to protect children from a risk of harm?"


A Third Party and a Third Bite at the Cherry : Overlapping Chancery and Ancillary Relief Applications.

29 MARCH 2012

Matthew Barry considers the overlap between chancery and ancillary relief applications, in particular with respect to the case of Edgerton v Edgerton [2012] EWCA Civ 181.

Contested Religious Upbringing: Guiding Principles

29 MARCH 2012

David Gareth Evans considers the Guiding Principles in Contested Religious Upbringing cases in light of Re N.


Clare's Law

28 MARCH 2012

Online dating continues to grow in the UK but just what difference will Clare’s Law make to protect an individual from domestic violence? Kate Broadhurst considers the possibilities.

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